Our prices stay low, soYOU CAN GET HIGH

We specialize in growing the finest strains of Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4), Royal Kush, Ghost OG, Lemon Kush, Purple Hindu Kush and Blueberry at everyday low prices.


Capitalize on low priced weed through our farm-direct pricing.  Place your order with us and we will drop ship to our nearest dispensary partner for you to pick up.

OUR PRODUCTCannabis Strains

Award-winning, Sativa-dominant hybrid with 22.7% THC
Mostly indica hybrid ideal for medicinal use thanks to 22.4% THC giving a full-body relaxed state that slowly creeps in.
Strong citrus smell with crystal-covered buds, 22% THC, offers a nice balance of cerebral and body effects.
When life gives you lemons, have some 21.3% THC Lemon Kush.
A cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, this 18.8% almost pure indica offers deep relaxation and pain relief.
The Willy Wonka of pot bread this 17.3% THC strain dubbed 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup best indica and best strain overall.

you can trust

www.myweedshack.com is a collective of sungrown Oregon farms that are dedicated to providing the best value cannabis grown in a sustainable and responsible manner.

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For the price I thought the product was going to be garbage, but it wasn’t. Quality pot at an amazing price!

Retail Customer

Love the entire concept and website! Solid strains too!


Their price, platform and delivery system made it so easy to get high for cheap.


Farms looking for partnership opportunities?

Partnership Opportunities

Agriculture and Cultivation
Own a farm and looking for a partner to help you move your product? Touch base and let’s find a solution that benefits all of us.
Testing Labs
We are always looking for competitively priced labs to ensure we’re delivering the quality we demand at a price our customers desire.
Product Manufacturing
We are always interested in new products to help us streamline our production and allow us to get the best quality weed, at the most competitive price, as quickly as possible to our customers.
Cheap Weed
By having a strong network of dedicated companies working together, we’re able to offer quality products at a budget-friendly price.


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Keep out of reach of children.
Do not drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana.